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City Guest House Tourist Office

 City Guest House Tourist Office

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a tourist information office open 3 times a week (every monday, wednesday, and friday from 08:30 to 11:00)

Rome is not only the Vatican and the Coliseum: We see thousands of tourists every year that pass by our hotel and most of them don’t realize that the Coliseum and the Vatican are just the tip of the Rome “ICE BERG “. Rome is an open air museum with over 2000 years of “VISIBLE” history for you to enjoy from the ancient to the christian, renaissance, baroque, classical modern and so forth.. you need help to make the best out of it!

Who runs the tourist office: professional certified Rome tourist guides.

What does the office offer: Rome is a huge city! It can be very complicated to decide what to see, how to see and when to see historical/archeological sites. This office is there to help you find your way around Rome by suggesting itineraries based on your knowledge of Rome. Tourist guides are also there to suggest which tours are scam free and eventually they can suggest the most worthy and convenient tours to buy.

Why do we offer this service: When you are guest at a friends house in a new city isn’t it them that can give you the most valuable information on what are the do’s and do nots??
City Guest House is your host in Rome and our mission is to offer a diversified service based on quality, originality and convenience. We placed ourselves in the clients shoes and it was not complicated to realize that a true host makes you feel at home even out of home.

Before you get your map out ask us questions about what you want to see, we will more than happy to help you find the best way there and back.