• city guest house - ristorante
  • city guest house - ristorante
  • city guest house - ristorante
  • city guest house - ristorante
  • city guest house - ristorante

When in Rome eat like the Romans do
(in other words... very well)

ACCASADI opened in November 2006 and has quickly become a favorite with the locals for two reasons. First and foremost because of the quality of the food on offer. The second reason is a cultural one — it has brought a level of sophistication to the area that was only present in the center of Rome.

Tradition remains at the heart of the offering. You can’t get away with more modern designs and an innovative approach if the core elements are not up to scratch and in full respect of culinary traditions that go back centuries.

On the menu…

Even before creating the menu we invested resources to ensure that the chef had the necessary equipment to prepare delicious meals. The food fired oven, for example, has been built by one of the regions oldest oven builders.

Pizza is on the menu and is definitely worth savouring given its fresh ingredients, starting from the base that is left to rise naturally during preparation.

One of the most popular dishes are the Quadrotti — ravioli filled with ricotta, chevre and pecorino cheese and a lemon zest butter sauce. Calzoni are delicious too, as well as a good the selection of boiled and fried vegetables.

During the hot summer months you may want to eat more lightly choosing cured meats, cheeses and salads.

And don’t forget to leave some space in your stomach for one of ACCASADI’s home made cakes. You’re on holiday, you can afford it!

You will need to reserve a table

ACCASADI is very popular with locals so you will need a reservation in most cases. Our staff can do this for you when you check in or at any time during your stay. Better still, get in touch before you arrive.